A Gift for You


A Gift For You!

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Welcome to the beginning of your transformation through Vocal Toning.

You have taken the first step in learning to heal yourself with your own voice. Vibrating your own voice creates profound effects on your body at a cellular level. As well as the physical effects, your emotional body, energetic body and etheric body will all experience the benefits. And your connection to the Divine will be stronger and more consistent.

Watch the video and/or listen to the audio and then watch/listen again while toning along. Then tone along with the video/audio track every day until you get the hang of this toning practice and you can continue to tone your chakras daily. Feel the vibrations in your body. Feel the shifting and opening as you vibrate each energy center. And take note of the changes in your life as a result.

Here is a colored chart showing the vowels and the colors. You can post it where you do your spiritual practice.
Add this to your daily spiritual practice.

Download (PDF, 38KB)

Here is a pocket size version of the chart so you can have one with you at all times. Keep one in your wallet, in the car, in your pocket or in every room.

Download (PDF, 50KB)

When you are ready, sign up for our Daily Toning Your Chakras Challenge to establish that daily habit.

And stay in touch in our Facebook Group Toning & Sound Healing. Let us all know how you are feeling now that you are toning your chakras.

Now go get started on your sound healing journey.