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Sometimes when we want to see something, we have to soften our vision in order to see differently. –paraphrased from Abraham-Hicks

I have noticed this for myself while my eye is in the condition it is. Sometimes my vision is not quite the same, so I soften my gaze and see the world differently. And I notice that I am more in tune with my feelings. This is the state that I am in for my private Reiki/Sound Healing sessions and when I am performing Sound Washings™.

I am more of a “feel-er” than a “see-er”. Although at times I do see things, such as when I saw the words, “Sound Washing” in a meditation, most of the time I feel. I can feel how others are feeling and feel the energy in a room. And now I can even feel through my voice the vibrations of another being as I channel sounds. These sounds are profoundly healing for those receiving them and I am humbled and awed by this power.

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Are you wondering what I am up to these days?
Here is where I am this month:

October 16-18 I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, with my extended family, saying a final farewell to my dad as we spread his ashes into the Bay. Bon Voyage, Dad! We love you.

October 23-25 I am in Seattle, speaking at the  BeGreat! Conference: Aligning Business with Soul and Spirit


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October 25-26 I am in Bellingham, WA, sharing Sound Washing™ at the Center for Spiritual Living Bellingham, presenting a workshop, and offering private Reiki/Sound Healing sessions. Call to get in on any of that: 360-734-4160. Or click here

November 6-8 I am in Lakehead, on a Women’s Retreat. Ahhhh time to relax from all the travels!