Hire Phoebe for your Event

Hire Phoebe for your next event

Best of Me

Phoebe Fazio has “the voice of an angel” and is now available for live Sound Washing™ for your special event. Sound washing™ is perfect for setting a meditative mood before spiritual events, visioning retreats, and any event that asks the participants to be relaxed and introspective, yet energized and ready to take inspired action. Phoebe’s voice is soothing and allows people to be open to the next level.

Here are some of the types of events Sound Washing™ is appropriate for:

  • Spiritual circles
  • Yoga classes
  • Pre-event meditation
  • Visioning
  • Spiritual Ceremonies
  • Retreats-Corporate, Spiritual, Women’s
  • Interactive Concerts
  • Other Ideas?

Phoebe will perform a Sound Washing™ for your group to your specifications.

She can:

  • Speak about her story and Sound Washing™
  • Teach how to use the voice for healing
  • Teach how to tone the chakras
  • Demonstrate how she uses Sound Washing™ for transformation
  • tone for 2 minutes to 2 hours
  • add crystal bowls, drum, shakers, and other instruments that feel appropriate for the venue
  • intuit the sounds that will best serve the group


2-15 minute Sound Washing: $50

16-30 minute Sound Washing: $75

31-60 minute Sound Washing: $100

61-90 minute Sound Washing: $155

91-120(2 hours) minute Sound Washing: $175


Length of Time