Up-leveling-Part II:

Toning the Organs


Listen to the audio here.

Have you received “downloads” of information after up-leveling?

Do you get new awarenesses on old practices?

Do you find that what you used to do was great and now your actions have moved to a new level?

In the last blog post, we looked at up-leveling our tools as the first step in raising our vibration and expanding our experience. Now, let’s talk about what comes along with up-leveling our tools. I’ve found that up-leveling my tools has brought an up-leveling of my spiritual practices, as well.

If you have been with me for a while, you know that I share Toning the Chakras with everyone I know. It has been my daily practice for about 10 years now, and it has raised my vibration and opened me to discover great things about the power of sound–specifically the power of voice. My own voice.

If you are new to this magical community, I encourage you to try toning the chakras daily. Go here to get started.

Attending conferences and trainings is another way that we up-level our understanding. I recently attended the Globe Sound Healing Conference in Marin and came back with some new awareness that has led to a new, upgraded practice.

I attended a session called “Quantifying Sound Healing” with Eileen McKusick. In it, she shared her journey of using tuning forks to clear away disturbances in the energy field around our bodies. These disturbances come from past experiences, emotions, traumas and such that affect our physical, emotional, and energetic body still and by clearing them it gives us relief (Her book, “Tuning the Human Biofield,” is here if you’d like to learn more).

After hearing Eileen’s story of her discoveries, I wondered if the work she was doing with tuning forks could be done with the voice. So I explored the biofield/energy field with my voice and I discovered, yes, of course we can. And we can tone our organs as well. I expanded my toning practice by feeling into the organs and the energy field around my body as I toned each vowel of the chakras. I discovered I could feel the vibrations in my body more deeply and completely. And when I radiated the sound out to the energy field, I could sense any disturbances and yet I also had a deep knowing that I didn’t need to connect with any past trauma, I could use my understanding of Reiki and know that these tangles in the energy are being untangled and combed out just with the sound and the intention to do so.

I am so happy to be able to share this new “up-leveled” toning practice with you. I’ve created a special video (using the new tools I wrote about last week), so you, too, can explore toning the organs.

If you haven’t started your toning practice, this is a perfect opportunity. If you have already started your practice, I invite you to up-level with me and include your organs in your daily toning. As you watch the video, feel free to join me with your own voice.

As you participate in this new toning experience, tell us about it. Or if you have already been toning your organs,  what got you started? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to tone, but you’re feeling challenged. Sometimes up-leveling involves working through the blocks that are keeping us from moving to the next step. What gets in your way? Is it in your throat chakra? Could you use some support for your throat chakra? This  Sound Washing™ for the throat chakra could be just the support you need.

Are you feeling contracted when we talk about up-leveling? Do you want to retreat back into that comfortable, safe place of your cave? Perhaps you are in the birth canal–or cocoon–feeling tender and not ready for the world. If you resonate with this place, I have a special Sound Washing™ for the Birthing Process that is free until the end of October. Go here to pick that up. Share it with anyone you know who may be in a similar place as well.