Links to Money

Links to Money

Are you struggling with debt? Wondering why more money goes out than in? Seeing others with more? Check out these links to money in the form of video, audios and online programs and books that could help you shift your mindset and help you discover the abundance that you are.

Sound Washings™

Sound Washing™ Abundance

Sound Washing™ Abundance (mp3)

Sound Washing™ Money (mp3)

Sound Washing™ Manifestation (pm3) (warning: there is some feedback at the beginning)

Online Programs:

Money Energy Experiments, Rhonda Lee

This is the program I have been going through lately. I love it because Rhonda Lee starts off by reminding all of us that we are not broken. Watch Rhonda Lee’s video here.

Denise Duffield-Thomas, “Lucky Bitch”

I have been on Denise Duffield-Thomas‘ email list for some time now and I love what she is about. I am an affiliate so if you click and buy something from her, I get something. I have not done this particular free program (Money in 24 Hours (Free), Denise Duffield-Thomas), but I am considering doing her Money Bootcamp. Check her out by clicking on either link and see what you think. I can answer any questions you may have as well. And she has a book, you can check that out below.


Kate Northrup, “Money Love”

I discovered Kate Northrup through her Money Love Challenge. I love what she is about. I have not done this course, but I signed up for B-School with her and she gave us a bunch of bonuses for signing up, so I got to work with a lot of her material. She has a fun-loving approach to money. I put several of her techniques into practice right away. This is a nice low-cost course through Hay House that looks good. (I am not an affiliate)

A Course in Having Enough ($49), Kate Northrup



(These are Amazon Affiliate Links)

Denise Duffield-Thomas’ book. I love her story of how she came to be called “Lucky Bitch”. You can read her story on her website.

Kate Northrup’s book. She has an amazing story of overcoming huge amounts of debt by learning to have a love affair with her money. Read her story here.

Becoming an Affiliate to earn extra money

You have seen that I mention above about being an affiliate. This is like collecting a sales commission when someone purchases something using my special link. Anyone can become an affiliate. A lot of online programs have the option to become an affiliate. You can even go to Amazon and search for affiliate and sign up right now if you are interested. I did that a few years ago and am just now learning how I can do more with it.

There are lots of ways that you can use affiliate marketing quite easily to earn money without getting a second job. This course is a very straight forward, practical way of learning about affiliate marketing–what is it, how to do it, and all of the details in setting that up. I have done this course and am now an affiliate for it, so feel free to ask me about it. I put three links below…two are free webinars and the other is her paid program.

Authentic Affiliate Academy (Training)

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy (free) Tonight!

How to Master Affiliate Marketing with Social Media (free)

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing or other tools for earning money, opening spiritually to more money/abundance, or anything else along the same lines, let me know ( and we can put our heads together to create more abundance for us and all of those around us. It is time. We do not have to live a life of not having enough any more! Let’s change our money mindset and join together to create an abundant life for all.