Meet Phoebe

Best of MeWho is Phoebe Fazio?

Phoebe Fazio lives in a world where dis-ease is a reminder to bring in ease, where we all remember to love ourselves in every moment, where our bodies crave only the foods they need to thrive in this world and where we all have everything we need and desire by sharing our gifts with others.

As a Reiki Master & Sound Washing® performer she has been transforming people’s lives with her unique Sound Washings® in which she uses her own voice to channel sounds. People have had heart openings, emotional releases, physical pain released for good, spiritual awakenings as well as support in their ascension. She can be heard on YouTube videos, in live one-on-one sessions and in front of groups such as yoga classes, spiritual gatherings, church services and conferences.

When she is not performing Sound Washings® you may find her on stage in a play, practicing Yoga and Tai Chi, hiking and swimming in nature, or relaxing at home with her daughters and 2 dogs and 2 cats.

She has released her first online course, “Breast Cancer Transformation: 21 Days of Support” for women diagnosed with breast cancer, using the power of sound washing™ and the writings of her own journey to assist those stepping onto the path of a whole new way of being, as well as her “Toning Your Chakras-7 Day Challenge” for anyone ready to commit to a daily practice of using their voice to align their own chakras.

Find out how you can free your voice and transform your life with Phoebe’s Sound Washings™, Reiki/Sound Healing, Sacred Sound Retreats, “Breast Cancer Transformation” online course and “Transform Your Voice-12 Week Program” at







Who is Shining Star?

Shining Star is Phoebe’s True Self. Shining Star performs for attention. When Shining Star is performing, everyone pays attention. And when people pay attention, they are given attention for themselves as well. We all have that natural thing that we were born knowing how to do. And when we do that, we are in our element. There is no time. Life is in perfect order. All is well. What is it that you do? And what do you get from it?