Singing Praises for Sound Washing™

Hanna Horner 1/29/15

Wow. I’m speechless.

From Julie York on 4/23/15 (Toning Tuesday)

I wanted to share something with you. Yesterday morning I was listening to your sound washing™ on abundance. I loved it, got out of bed, went to work and when I got there my boss called me into her office. After chatting about some work stuff she told me she was asking the board to give me a dollar an hour raise.

Julie Sergel 4/22/15 (Toning Tuesday)

You blessed me immensely!!!!!

From Donna Jackson 3/9/15 (Sound Washing™ at CSL, Redding)

The sound washing you brought in and poured over us  this morning lifted, soared us to other dimensions!

Linn 2/28/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

Just want to let you know that I have been using the sound washing and have found it to be very grounding and healing. My mental state has shifted and I am feeling so much more positive. Thanks so much. It is much appreciated.

Megan Newman 4/12/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

WOW!!!! The energy that I feel now is out of the world.  I literally felt as though I was floating  because of how intense the energy is. The pain is almost gone, I’m sure if I wasn’t using my hands to type it would be. I had never had a sound washing™, and this is a new experience for me. I am so incredibly thankful that it is such a positive experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marie Ohnstad 2/20/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

Thank you so much for this. I feel like the deep sounds hit my third eye area and the lighter tones were like a wave over my body. I feel that most in my hands and feet.

Manda Stack 2/19/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

Thank you so much, Phoebe. I didn’t know what to expect. It was very relaxing. I felt it resonating in my body. I wasn’t sure if I should wear headphones or not, but figured I shouldn’t so that the sound could wash over me. I was a little afraid beforehand because of my tinnitus – the loud, constant ringing in my ears – and that the washing would hurt my ears, but it didn’t. What a gift you have. I am fascinated.

Lynette Ramos 12/18/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

That was one of the most beautiful things ever done for me. It touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. So much love to you.

Keyon Bayani 2/19/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much, you have such a beautiful voice, I listened to it whilst at work and it helped relax me,  I can’t wait to get home tonight and listen again. Your voice is magical. Lots of love and gratitude for this beautiful gift.

Julie Sergel 10/31/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

This one, wow. I didn’t even use with headphones yet. Just sat here and let it wash me on high volume. It’s so relaxing to me, to let sound enter. My whole body feels effervescent. I will do this one each night. When I relax and let you and your sounds resonate all around me and through me it’s wild and free and unknown and so natural and some of the best medicine I’ve ever had.

Danielle Wright 2/19/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

I just got to listen to the sound washing. That was very cool and have never come across this.  I might listen to this each day for the next week (launching book in a week) hence the grace and ease. It was really beautiful.

Corrine Lord 12/30/14 (Custom Sound Washing™)

Phoebe this is wonderful thank you so much. Very powerful looking forward to listening to it again. Bless you xx

Chara Armon 2/10/15 (Reiki/Sound Healing Session)

It was really a joy to listen to the recording of last Thursday’s session.  Your voice is SO powerful, and I could tell there were a lot of beings and forces working with you. What you facilitate is so beautiful; one thing I notice is how the sounds are tangible yet also so mysterious and other-worldly.  I am grateful to experience this healing energetic movement.

Claudia Olivie 2/5/15 (Custom Sound Washing™)

Oh that was so beautiful Phoebe. Thank you! I felt at peace listening to the recording and am so grateful for that. I thought I knew the power of sounds (and silence) but had not felt it in that way before listening to you. It’s magnificent.


Lana Schlafer 1/24/2015 (REIKI/Sound Healing session)

Just had the BEST toning + energy clearing session with Phoebe Pinney Fazio!!!! I loved feeling how the sounds that she was making with her voice and the bowls were literally rearranging and transforming me on a cellular level! I feel so much more relaxed, grounded, clear and aligned after our distance session and I look forward to seeing how these energetic shifts manifest in my life!

Julie Sergel 3/6/2015 (Custom Sound Washing™)

Phoebe Pinney Fazio, I just want to THANK YOU for your powerful generous sound healings. I’ve been marinating in the last one you gave me this morning. I’m such a THINKER so SOUND healing is a cure that my cells so easily allow (the vibrations get in there without be overly analyzed or censored; they get WOOED. smile emoticon ) I want to say NAMASTE to the 10th power. So much healing. As an EMPATH I see why I disconnect from my body so much. I don’t want to feel, but then I get numb. So, again, THANK YOU for your ways of getting healing into me beyond my head. XOXOXO Blessings galore.

Mike Iamele 1/26/2015 (REIKI/Sound Healing session)

I hardly ever cry. But, after a sound washing session with Phoebe Pinney Fazio, I’m on the verge of tears. I felt so much release and so much space open. I’m in a total state of bliss today. I just feel like so much was shifted in a single session. I feel lighter and freer.

Do yourself a favor and get a personal sound washing from Phoebe ASAP. This work is so powerful, and she really is gifted.

Thank you for an amazing session, Phoebe.