I am going to be a published author!!!

I will be contributing to the 365 Book Series.

The newest book is called, “Goodness Abounds”….stay tuned…watch this space…

Here are previous books in the series:

Here are some resources that I used during my journey of transforming illness and other life challenges into a life of Magic and Love and guiding others:


When you find yourself in a crisis, this book is the best book to guide you through. This one has nothing to do with Sound Healing, but it is about transforming.

Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times (Shambhala Classics


Learn more about Vocal Toning and Sound Healing:

This first book is the best resource for understanding the power of sound on the body, from the perspective of a medical doctor who put it into practice with his patients.

Mitchel Gaynor,  “The Healing Power of Sound”


This is the first book that I read that mentioned toning and the healing aspects.

Don Campbell, The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit

I thought I had read every book of Don Campbell’s, but this one I haven’t. I add it here as incentive for me to read it.

Don Campbell, Healing at the Speed of Sound

This book is a great way to get serious about using your voice with a daily meditation practice. It is a small book with daily meditations and sound healing exercises.

Don Campbell, The Roar of Silence: Healing Powers of Breath, Tone and Music (Quest Books)

This is the book that Don Campbell talks about in The Mozart Effect. It has all of the details about toning and how to do it.

Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, Toning: The Healing Power of the Voice

Christine is a music therapist and is known for her drum circles for healing. Here she talks about different aspects of healing with sound.

Christine Stevens, Music Medicine: The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound

This is the most comprehensive book about all of the different types of Sound Healing.
David Gibson, The Complete Guide to Sound Healing

Deborah Van Dykek Travelling the Sacred Sound Current


Are you ready to raise your vibration through food? Start with this book.

David Wolfe,  The Sunfood Diet Success System: 36 Lessons in Health Transformation



Tom Kenyon’s sounds are transforming. Check out some of his other CDs as well.

Tom Kenyon,  Sound Transformation


Jonathan Goldman’s voice is soothing whether he is speaking or toning. This CD gives a few exercises for your daily toning practice.

Jonathan Goldman, Vocal Toning the Chakras


Ashana uses her voice along with alchemy crystal singing bowls. I find her music very soothing and healing. She has quite a few albums. This is just one.

Ashana, Beloved


I listened to Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Clearing CD daily when I was going through cancer treatments. Her voice became so familiar that when I heard her speaking at a live workshop I felt like I knew her intimately.

Doreen Virtue, Chakra Clearing

Don Campbell, Healing Yourself with Your Own Voice



A.M. and P.M. Yoga for Beginners

Forks Over Knives

Genetic Roulette (DVD): The Gamble of Our Lives

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead