Something Happened!


Have you been wondering where I have been?

I started a series–Sound Washing for each of the Chakras–and then after 2 posts, I stopped. What in the world?

Yep. I made the Sound Washing videos. I posted the Root and the Sacral videos. Then when I got to the Solar Plexus (the seat of personal power) something happened.

The Sacral Chakra video “disappeared”. It was gone from YouTube and gone from all of my devices…no way to get it back! When I wrote the post for the Solar Plexus Chakra, I went to link the 1st and 2nd videos and the 2nd one was gone. Even though I had a solution for that, it caused me to feel stuck.

Once I became stuck, I travelled down that road a ways and decided to surrender to this. Whatever it is. In the meantime I was easily distracted by my older daughter’s return from college for 6 weeks. And my younger daughter is preparing to leave the nest. In the midst of this, I added a roommate in our home, complete with a 5 year old and a baby on the way. And….my right eye became red and inflamed.

Pink Eye? Louise Hay says that is about anger. I did some EFT tapping to release anger, spiritual mind treatment to know that there is only love. Could this be time for me to look inward? Yes. I did. I also stayed present with all that was going on. What a wonderful daily practice. Surrendering to what is.

I made a Sound Washing video for Purification. You can watch that here.

I also looked into my personal power.

It was in surrendering my power to what is, that magic happened. I met a friend who does Color Therapy and we exchanged therapy sessions. She helped me to shift a few things and I was able to assist her with sound. Now we have come to know and trust each other. The answer to this series of Chakra Sound Washings has appeared. Stay tuned for a combination of color and sound for each chakra. What a beautiful answer it is!

Meet my new friend, Hemla, I added her information to my Root Chakra post here.  Or go directly to Hemla’s page here.

We will be integrating our blogs beginning with the Sacral Chakra (I will be doing a remake of my original Sacral Chakra blog post).

Now I am curious about you. What is shifting in your life? Where do you find that it helps to surrender and allow rather than continuing to push forward with something that isn’t working? Please leave a comment below or over at our Facebook group, Toning & Sound Healing.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Meanwhile, you might be interested in some other happenings in my life.

Coming up on August 28-30, I am co-leading a Sacred Sound Healing retreat in Mt. Shasta, CA. Check that out here

September 11-14, I will be giving Reiki/Sound Washing sessions as a part of the Globe Sound Healing Conference in Oakland, CA. Here are the details.


October 23-25, I am speaking at the BeGreat! Aligning Business Strategy with Spirit. A conference for world changing Soulpreneurs. In Seattle, WA

Please use this link to purchase tickets.

More information on Facebook Be GREAT events page.