Sound Offerings


Sound Offerings

Monthly Toning Circle for Healing Second Saturday

You may join us in Redding, CA or from a distance. No cost. Please Sign Up below if you plan to attend.

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Sound Washing™ Performances

Phoebe will provide a short sound washing 3-7  minutes or an entire concert and anywhere in between.

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Sound Washing™ Recordings

Phoebe’s Sound Washings are transformational for body, mind and spirit.

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REIKI/Sound Washing™ Session

Bring the power of sound and attention to your life. Be transformed by this exquisite experience of the combination of Reiki energy and Sound Washing™.

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Toning workshops

Phoebe is a gifted teacher with an extensive background in music education who is excellent at guiding people into the transformation experience of using the voice to raise vibration. Toning is not like singing so it requires no experience. Hire her for individual or group Toning workshops.

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Keynote Speaking w/ Toning

Are you looking for a speaker with a unique message and approach? Phoebe shares her wisdom and guides the audience in their own experience of toning.

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