Transform Your Voice

Transform Your Voice

“If you liberate the voice you liberate the human being”–Jill Purce


An intimate 12-week program

Program Includes:

  • An intimate group of no more than 10 people
  • One connection call per week with our group, a total of nice calls
    • Connecting with the group provides security for our tender throats
    • We play with and off of each other
    • We will find the perfect time for everyone
    • You will look forward to our time together
    • Together we can raise the vibration easier
    • The sounds are magical in a group
  • Three 30 minute private calls/Skype:
    • Includes any combination:
      • Vocal Training
      • Support with your emotions
      • Encouragement on your path
      • Reiki
      • Sound Washing
      • Talking through and clearing blocks
      • Techniques for healing the voice
      • Assistance with your own voice work
      • Answering questions
      • Anything else you need for you to feel supported
  • A Live Event in San Francisco!
    • We will gather and explore a few fun places for toning
    • Re-connect in person
    • Share extended time together
    • Details to be given as we approach the end of our program

In this group we will explore:

  1. How to heal your own voice
  2. How to use your voice for healing others
  3. Discovering your own frequency
  4. Re-connecting with the voice of your soul
  5. Playful ways to open and energize your throat chakra
  6. Having fun with sound
  7. Finding your daily vocal/spiritual practice
  8. Connecting with others through sound
  9. Raising our vibration together
  10. Harmonizing
    And more…

Investment: Will be $1000
for our Inaugural Group:$555*
*Payment plans are available

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