Up-leveling-Part I


Here is just audio

Do you sometimes up-level and not even realize that’s what you’re doing? And then you discover you’re in a different place? With a whole new perspective and a new set of rules?

I’ve been in that place with my recording equipment. I started down the road happily learning about voice-over work (recording spoken tracks for videos, commercials, audio books, etc.). I was having so much fun thinking of the possibilities. The more I learned, the more I was drawn in.

So I logged onto some voice-over websites and set up my profile. I found samples of my voice to upload and started to look at what types of voices matched my profile. I discovered these websites match voice talent with the producers the way dating sites match potential mates. And then I started to picture myself auditioning for those jobs and then getting them.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t quite ready. I didn’t have the right equipment to do a good job. I had to uplevel my tools.

So I started looking at equipment I would need. There was quite a range of tools, prices, complexity. It was easy to get overwhelmed, so I went with what I felt I needed to just get started. I bought myself a decent microphone, a screen to limit extra sounds, and a set of headphones. I also invested in some foam for sound-proofing the walls partially and I created a little sound booth for myself.

So here I am with new equipment. Upleveling my tools, though, led me to uplevel in other areas, too.  Now, I’m finding that the process for creating my sound washing videos is so different.

Up until now I have been using my iphone. So simple. Record. Upload. And voila! Now, I can’t use my iphone because the microphone is connected to the computer. So I have to record into a program where I can edit the video. So when I upleveled my tools, I also had to uplevel some of my technology skills. Do I want to edit video? Nope. Still want it to be on the simple side. But it all took some getting used to.

Isn’t that always the way it is? We get a new tool and then the old way doesn’t work the same. We wanted to make a change and yet, the comfort of the old way has to be released to make room for the new way. And the new way isn’t quite comfortable so it takes a while to get used to it.

Change is good. I love change. But then it does sometimes take awhile to get going in the new direction. Like turning a ship. It is imperceptible at first. It takes a while for the vessel to get the message that the change has been made. And then once the new direction is established, it takes time to gain momentum.

I see the future coming to me already, and it’s exciting. I have announced the intention to start a podcast and put out a call for people to interview. I’m already meeting with people about this podcast that hasn’t even started yet.

And most importantly for you– you are getting to experience the first video with this new equipment. I introduce you to some of my new team members and do a special sound washing for you.

I’d love to hear what you think.

It was time to have a microphone that could accommodate the powerful sounds of the sound washings™ and that could capture all of the overtones and the booming voice of the shaman I channel.

I am excited about where the sound quality of these recordings is going. Science and spirituality and ancient wisdom have come together to tell us that overtones are powerful vibrations. “Harmonics, or overtones are the partial tones that most of us are unaware of, simply because we don’t know to listen for them.” (Mitchel Gaynor, MD) With this new equipment you will hear more of these overtones. More about the benefits to come in later posts.

Even the current CDs and mp3s in my shop are getting up-leveled. I found a place that can re-master my iphone recordings. In fact, if you purchased any of the current digital versions, you will receive the upgrade! You can grab some here before the prices go up…

Next week I’ll be sharing with you another way that I’m upleveling and you get to experience how I’m supercharging the chakra toning. Stay tuned for that…