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Ready to Speak
with Confidence and Grace?
Expand Your Throat Chakra

in 7 Simple Steps

With Phoebe Fazio

Reiki Master and Sound Healer who uses her voice to perform Sound Washings™ made up of channeled sounds that heal and transform.



In this webinar you will:

  • Discover 7 Simple Steps to expand and balance your throat chakra
  • Begin your own throat openings
  • Learn a daily practice that can change your life
  • Understand the importance of the throat chakra for connecting  to the Divine
  • Understand why you may be struggling with speaking
  • Experience a shift in your own voice
  • Experience a Sound Washing™

Have you been looking for a way to express your Divine self in the world?

You are a powerful person and healer and you are already doing amazing work in the world. And yet, the throat acts up when you are on a call with a client, or your hands and arms have been giving you challenges. Or you talk a lot and are not seeing the effect you know you can have for people.

Are you looking to bring in the power of the Divine through to your body and express it as powerfully as you experience it?

Are you shy and find it difficult to talk about what you do?

Are you ready to speak with confidence and grace? Then you will enjoy this webinar where we will practice 7 very simple techniques to begin the process of opening this delicate part of your anatomy.

When: Recording available NOW!

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