Recording-Sound Washing® Experience: Love + Connections


My dear healer friends... ...Are you craving a deep connection with others? ...We need to spread love now more than ever! ...Recharge and receive love so you have more to give. ...Ready to step back and see the big picture...go general? Come together in a co-creative ceremony of Sacred Sound. Join me as we set the tone for more love and connection for what is before us. Explore the new sounds channeled through my voice and other sound healing tools during this Sound Washing™ Experience. Let's come together and remember our oneness. Allow the sounds to wash over you and bring you back to a sense of alignment and wholeness. Feel the deep, deep love as we connect. Experience the recorded live event as our participants requested focus on areas of enhanced communications, assistance with addictions, ease and flow in work, passion that pays the bills and faeries healing Mother Earth. We can heal the world together during this time of deep meditation.
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Love + Connections
Enhanced Communications
Assistance with Addictions
Ease + Flow in Work
Passion that Pays the Bills
Faeries + Mother Earth
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Recorded live on February 16, 2017

Love + Connections
(The second of six Sound Washing® Experiences aimed at supporting you as a healer.)

Let’s explore together our connections through love in this new world that is being co-created.

As healers, we connect at our hearts. We give and receive through the heart and this connection in unconditional love is the way of the New Earth.

We are here on the New Earth to assist others with this transition. The time is upon us and this task is huge. You are not alone. Through Sound Washing® with other healers you will feel support, be nurtured and prepare for your next steps.

By communing with Spirit in deep contemplation with others, magic happens. When gathered together, we each receive more of our pieces and our experience is heightened. When we pay attention to the channeled sounds together in a group, the experience is exponentially expansive.

I have discovered this during my 10 year exploration of sound for healing. I began toning my voice during the dark night of my soul. I had no idea where I was headed with these new sounds I was generating. And now I am inviting you to be part of co-creating an experience of sacred sound. I call this a Sound Washing® Experience.

Please explore with me. Every time I present a Sound Washing® Experience, it is a co-creation as I open myself for the channeling of sacred sounds for the benefit of all who listen. I draw on the energy of those attending live and each contribution you make during the sharing and through your requests adds to our collaboration.

What will the sounds be this time? Which guides will come with another piece of the puzzle in order to create what we have come here to create? Where can we go together?

Each person attending a Sound Washing® Experience finds different benefits. Some have reported:

  • “I see guides and during Sound Washing® I see so many more guides.”
  • “I came because I have been hyperventilating. During Sound Washing® I can breathe easily.
  • “I felt my sinuses open and my head cold cleared.”
  • “With each Sound Washing®, I go deeper.”
  • “I felt Heaven and Earth become One.”
  • “I thought I knew the power of sounds (and silence) but had not felt it in that way before listening to Phoebe. It’s magnificent.”
  • “I loved feeling how the sounds were literally rearranging and transforming me on a cellular level!”
  • “The sound washing® lifted and soared us to other dimensions.”
  • “I felt so much release and so much space open up.”
  • “I’m in a total state of bliss.”

What will you experience? After each Sound Washing® we all share our experiences. Sharing in the group amplifies your physical, emotional and spiritual experience. We are able to have conversations of the highest order. In addition, you are able to make your own requests for the focus of the Sound Washings®. I also often share about the crystals that were activated during the Sound Washing® as well as any awarenesses or understandings that are downloaded to me during the time that I am channeling the sounds. Sometimes I channel light languages and I do my best to interpret those transmissions.

This is the second of six Sound Washing® Experiences to help us all align to the New Earth energies and our part in it. We will gather on the Third Thursday of the month. Each event is stand alone. You can attend one or any number. Follow your guidance and attend what feels right.

Price includes the live Sound Washing® Experience recording. Downloadable Audio + Video

Here is the order of events:

  1. Welcome/Shamanic Invocation
  2. Sound Washing® for Love and Connections
  3. Sharing of our experiences*
  4. Request #1
  5. Sharing together
  6. Request #2
  7. Sharing
  8. Request #3
  9. Final Sharing
  10. Closing/Divine Blessings


Who is Phoebe Fazio?
After 25 years of public school music teaching, Phoebe discovered her ability to use her voice to create healing sounds. Now Phoebe performs and records Sound Washings™ for individuals and small and large groups, runs sacred sound healing retreats, leads toning circles for healing, and collaborates with other healers to heal the world.


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