Sound Washing™ for Scotland!

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself! (Go directly to video) (Audio here)

We are going to Scotland! For a sacred sound adventure! We will be toning in ancient castles and on sacred grounds with the intention to send these powerful sacred healing sounds into the the Earth by way of the sacred vortexes for the sake of healing our beloved Mother Earth. This is the beginning of a series I am calling “Sacred Sounds on Sacred Grounds“.

If you have been toning (what is toning?) with me before, you know that I am very gentle and encouraging while allowing you to make sounds in a safe, loving environment. The experience is always  magical as we transmute the lower, negative vibrations of our emotions, our thoughts and our physical experiences into higher, more positive vibrations. We will have the opportunity to do some toning together before we travel. If you have never done toning yourself, I invite you to start. If you didn’t grab the Toning the Chakras mp3, you can grab it here. And then start toning your chakras every day. Watch for my Free Toning the Chakras Daily Challenge coming soon.

If you are ready to do more than toning the chakras, stay tuned as I will be offering some deeper experiences. Many of you have been to my live Toning Circles for Healing, so you know the power of toning together with other people. It all starts with something as basic as toning on one vowel sound. When we focus on the chakras, be can align our bodies through sound. Then with our intentions, we can send those vibrations wherever they are needed (even multiple places). And when we join together we create magic as we free our throat chakras to sound whatever wants to be expressed in that safe environment.

So imagine joining together, making sacred sounds with our voices together and sending those sounds deep down into the vortex of one of the ancient castles in Scotland. Can you imagine how those sounds will vibrate and radiate out? They will transmute the negativity of the past and create magic.

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Today, I created a Sound Washing™ to get us started on this adventure of a lifetime.