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Some of you have been listening to my Sound Washings™ for a while now. Have you been wondering how I came to be creating them? Ever wonder where the name came from? Or how it all came to be?

Here is my Sound Washing™ Story.

When I was going through a tough time in my life, the dark-night-of-my-soul (that is a story for another day), I started seeing a psychotherapist who also does energy work. I had never experienced anything like that before but it felt amazing. I had done lots of talk therapy and it helped for a while and to a certain extent, but this was something completely different. I didn’t know much about it except that I felt so much better afterwards (since then, I have completed my Reiki Master training so I can do energy work and train others in it as well).

This energy worker, Kay Kosko, also used sound therapy. I heard a crystal singing bowl for the first time there, and I learned about “toning”. The first time I heard a crystal singing bowl, I felt myself energetically drawn inside the bowl and immediately started singing along with it. And then at every session Kay would encourage me to make sounds.

At one of my sessions with Kay, I was laying on my back on a massage table and she had one hand on my back, underneath me, and the other hand on my chest. And she was making sounds. I was in a state of bliss as I received these sounds and the energy, but I suddenly opened my eyes and looked up at her to see how she was making those sounds. When I saw that she was using her voice, I really wanted to know how she was doing that, but returned to my blissed out state to enjoy it all. Then when she stopped, I had to know, “what were those sounds?” and “how were you doing that?” Her answer was, “those were your sounds”. And then I was on a quest to discover how to make those sounds.

I have now come to understand that some of those sounds I heard in that session were “overtones” and I did figure out how to make those sounds. Mostly from doing Sound Washings™ and Reiki/Sound Healing for other people.

Around this same time of discovering my sounds, I heard a few people tell me that I was going to be making those sounds and helping people with them. I didn’t know what I would be doing or how I was going to be helping people with the sounds I make with my voice.

So I spend months asking the Universe, what does it look like? What am I doing? How am I helping people? Am I going into hospitals and toning for sick people? What does this look like? I didn’t know of anyone else using sound healing until I started to study. Apparently there are hospitals where you can ask for a sound healing session. It didn’t fit what I saw myself doing, exactly. So I kept asking.

Finally I heard my instructions….”just do it”. Just do what? “Just do It”. I finally took that to mean that I should just tone. And it was such an insistent message that I understood that I was to do it every day. The “It” that I understood was a regular practice of toning. And the practice I chose for myself was toning the chakras. It seemed like a great overall healing practice. I had attended a workshop with a sound healer from India who said that all healing must begin with the chakras being aligned. There was my confirmation. I will align my own chakras with the sound of my own voice.

So I was doing this daily toning my chakras practice and things began to open up for me. I was meditating more easily and I was receiving clearer messages as a result of this regular toning practice.

And one day during my meditation, I saw, clear as a printed sign on a huge poster in front of my face, “Sound Washing” in big, bold print, streaming across my field of vision. So I went to my journal and I asked, “what is ‘sound washing’?” And the answer was, “it is what you do”. “What is it that I do?”, I asked. “Sound Washing!” came the answer. Ok, ha ha ha… I still didn’t know what it was. I knew it had to do with the sounds I made in the privacy of my own home. Not just the toning of the chakras, but the other sounds I was making in the bathtub and laying on my bed and while walking around the house.

So as luck would have it, that night after getting that downloaded title, “Sound Washing”, I attended a spiritual circle. By way of introducing ourselves, we each told the group something that no one knew about us. I knew what to share…I didn’t even know this about myself. I told the group, “I do Sound Washing”. And of course they asked what it was, and I couldn’t really say. Later in the evening I had the opportunity to show them (and me) what “Sound Washing” is.

I stood in the center of this circle of spiritual people who were open and supportive of whatever it was I had to share, and I took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and allowed sounds to come out of my mouth as I had only done at home. Tears were flooding down my face as I made these sounds. I realized I was tuning into the energy of the group and allowing sounds to flow through me for them. And they were deeply moved.

I remember some of the things said that night, more than 6 years ago. One person who meditates a lot said that it took him into a meditative state more quickly than anything else he had ever experienced before. Another person said that it led her to sit up very straight. And others spoke about the images of bubbles and cleansing. Sound Washing™ was born.

And then I started doing it more and more and offering it in different settings (yoga classes, church services, meditations, gatherings) and hearing what people were experiencing. So much validation for this thing that I do with my voice that helps people. Wow. It humbles me every time I create one of these.

And guess what? You can have one created just for you for only $10 this month (I usually charge $50). To purchase, just reply to this email and I will record it for you and email it to you along with instructions for payment.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you for reading my emails and taking an interest in my work. It has been an interesting ride getting here. And I am so excited about where it is taking me….like Scotland, for one!! Are any of you coming along?

If you would like to take the journey of toning your chakras daily, join my 7 Day Challenge! Click here to sign up for that, and you can tone your chakras right along with me and start creating the habit. How exciting to see what will open in you!

I look forward to hearing from you. I’ll be back next week with another Sound Washing™ for you. Until then….many blessings and love and light!