Toning Tuesday-Alignment

Alignment PicSee video here
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Today I am preparing to be a speaker at the Be Great! Conference in Seattle, WA (Oct. 23-25) which is all about Aligning Business with Soul and Spirit. As a result, I decided to do our Toning Tuesday Sound Washing™ for Alignment.

When we are aligned in our body, our body is able to heal itself. When we are aligned with our soul, then we make decisions that move us closer to our highest expression. And when our energy is aligned–through our chakras–then our body, mind and spirit come into alignment.

Have you been practicing your daily Toning the Chakras? Here is the audio version as requested to make it a little bit easier to access. You can download it and put it on your phone or whatever device you like for your listening pleasure.

What else do you do to stay in alignment? I’d love to get more ideas for alignment.

Are you curious about this Be Great! conference? Here are the details.



Hope to see you in Seattle this coming weekend, Oct. 23-25.

I will also be in Bellingham, WA Oct. 25-26 for a Raise Your Vibration Through Sound workshop and private Reiki/Sound Healing sessions.
Call to sign up 360-734-4160